Talk to a doctor anytime, from anywhere.

WELLCAM connects Africans with healthcare professionals for advice, treatments and prescriptions if needed.



Consult a doctor through our mobile app



Your personal information is HIPAA-protected. Visits are private and secure. 

The convenience to contact our doctors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Save time traveling, waiting long hours, and paying a lot just to get good medical care.

If needed, prescriptions can be sent electronically to you or your pharmacy of choice. 


We treat many common medical conditions, and can remotely monitor chronic conditions

Sore throat & Cough


Aches & Sprains

Cold & Flu

Physical Injuries

Insect Bites

Rashes & Skin infection

Stomach pain, UTI

Eye infections





Choose from a list of doctors. Search by name, or medical specialty and select type of service. Talk, text, video.

Schedule your consultation for a day and time that is convenient. Your doctor will either confirm or reschedule your request. 

The app notifies you of upcoming consultations. Pay by mobile money. Doctors use your health records to  diagnose, treat you or refer you.

Get prescriptions sent to your phone or your pharmacy of choice. Consultation summaries are logged on your profile. 


Electronic Health Record


The patient personal health record (PHR) provides unlimited online storage for your medical and health data. All this information is securely accessible to you from anywhere, at any time you need it. This means that you can access this information during clinic consultations and online video consultations with doctors. 

On-Demand Video Consultations


You can request a virtual consultation using your smartphone or computer 24/7. Our doctors are well trained and will review your medical records prior to consultations. 

  • Avoid unneeded travel to a hospital

  • Save time and money by seeing the doctor at your convenience

  • Receive referrals to specialists 

  • Get prescriptions sent to your phone or your pharmacy of choice

  • Sign up for remote monitoring plans

Remote Patient Monitoring


Chronic and long term care requires continuous monitoring. WELLCAM provides remote care to patients so that they can stay on track with their treatment plans. It improves health outcomes and patient satisfaction. WELLCAM doctors can monitor patients in post-surgical care, chronic care management, long term health management or preventive care.Our remote monitoring services help you to stay on track as you follow your treatment plan, thus improving control over your health over a sustained period. [Click here]

Ask Doctors Questions


Real health problems need expert advice. Our users can now ask health questions through the WELLCAM app, instead of relying on questionable health information on the Internet. Doctors will review health reports and respond to patient questions accordingly. [Click here]

Connected Devices


WELLCAM integrates with Google Fit and iOS Health app, allowing data from wearable devices and health apps to be shared securely with our Virtual Practice.

  • Data integration with iHealth

  • BG5 monitor & Omron glucose monitor

  • Blood sugar tracking at home

  • Syncing readings with Personal Health Records

In-Person Appointments


For those medical cases requiring an in-person visit to a clinic or hospital. WELLCAM has decided to partner with medical institutions in order to facilitate appointments for our users and expedite the process of being seen by a doctor in-person. This will save our users time, gain the hospital or clinic a guaranteed client, an improve overall care.  

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