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Reduce Health-related Productivity Loss

Increase Profits through Higher Productivity


Companies lose profits when employees have to take time off to go the hospital or to take their family members to the hospital. An average hospital visit takes 3 hours in Cameroon. With WELLCAM, we can reduce consultation time from 3 hours to simply 15 minutes. This is a time reduction of over 80%, or a 12-fold increase in productivity. 


WELLCAM provides your employees and family members access to doctors anywhere and anytime to take care of health issues and questions that would otherwise have taken them to hospitals. 


Healthcare Access, Anytime, Anywhere


WELLCAM allows your employees to access health care from their mobile phones, tablets or even computer. Any and all of your staff can readily access some of the best doctors in the country at anytime the need arises. 

Reduce Health Expenditures


The cost of quality health care is not affordable for many people. Many people resort to self-care or alternative methods of care in order to get any sort of treatment. Sadly, healthcare costs are projected to increase in the country. The WELLCAM platform offers a solution for reducing this cost by offering on-demand consultations with doctors, at an affordable price. Saving users time, effort, and money. 


Offer More Employee Benefits


WELLCAM's on-demand consultations can save lives in cases of emergencies. This platform offers your employees an amazing benefit not seen anywhere in Cameroon. Your employees will also benefit from: 

  • Avoid unnecessary trips to a clinic or hospital

  • Save time and money by seeing the doctor at your convenience

  • Receive referrals to specialists if needed

  • Get prescriptions sent to your phone or your pharmacy of choice

  • Book appointments to clinics or hospitals ahead of time

An Easy to Use Platform


  • Electronic health record

  • Remote patient monitoring

  • On-demand video consultations

  • Ask doctors health any health questions

  • Wearable devices can share data to securely to WELLCAM, syncing readings with personal health records

  • Allows your company to talk to all of our physicians in the country

  • Ability to select your own service providers (doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostic centers so that your members use your network providers)

  • Powerful built-in report generation features

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