Consult your patients anytime, from anywhere.

WELLCAM connects healthcare providers with patients seeking medical care. 

Set Your Own Schedule

Since telemedicine is 24/7/365, you will enjoy the freedom to treat patients online, at your convenience.


Increased Availability

WELLCAM removes any geographic barriers to healthcare access, allowing you to see patients who might not be able to make it to a hospital or a doctor's office due to being homebound, having busy schedules, or traveling. 


Easy to Use

App is available on both Android and Apple mobile devices. The WELLCAM app makes it simple for your patients to connect with you, and reduce missed appointments.

Increasing access. Improving care. Reducing costs.   ​

  • Treat patients via secure video or phone 

  • Document consultations online

  • Send prescriptions to patients electronically

  • Access patients health records

  • Get notified when patients book appointments

  • Work as little or as much as your want

  • Get private work with zero marketing costs, no office charges, or having to travel to see patients.  


WELLCAM data is stored on the HIPAA-compliant Amazon Web Services cloud for easy access and complete security


Accommodate patients at anytime, including after-hours or on weekends


Excellent technical support for members


Verified physicians with years of experience

Other benefits

Saves time for both you and your patients

Saves costs

Regular Virtual Follow-ups

Additional source of income


View & Schedule appointments

View & Schedule appointments

Access PHR

Send patient notifications

Monitor patient's health

Receive alerts and reminders

Access telemedicine services

Manage billing & prescriptions

Collect payments for services

Access consultations notes

Our friendly doctors are here for you


Our providers have telemedicine training, and are very experienced on the platform.

Board Certified

Our providers are certified in Cameroon and licensed to practice in the country.


All encounters are digitally archived with the highest level of security and only accessible by the patient and provider.