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Save Government Offices Money

Healthcare at Less than the Current Costs


Cameroon, like many other developing countries in Africa faces a healthcare crisis. The current structure of healthcare is unable to deliver quality healthcare to all citizens. Rural areas, crowded cities tend to have it worse, as many of the inhabitants seeking medical care have to face crowded traffic, waiting long hours to see often overworked doctors. Those seeking private care will typically pay more. WELLCAM can provide way better access to quality care for all citizens at a lower cost that they pay currently. It connects patients directly to doctors, the cost of service is shared by many people at once. And by contracting directly with doctors, they can offer their services on the platform, for lower than they would in a clinic or hospital setting. 


Improved Health Information and Monitoring


The WELLCAM platform allows users to store their health conditions, medications, allergies, medical reports, consultation notes, vaccinations, vital signs, surgeries, treatments, procedures and even lab data. This information can help the government to develop better health policies, maximizing the results obtained for every dollar or franc CFA spent. 

Improve Healthcare Access in Rural Areas


It is estimated that only 20% of the Cameroonian population uses conventional medical care models. This would mean the majority of Cameroonians do not rely on conventional medicine, and possibly worse, they rely on untested methods such as traditional practices. There are many reasons why, but one may be due to the shortage of doctors, and for those doctors who practice, the majority are practicing in the major cities. This leaves the millions of people in rural areas and villages, have little to no access to doctors or hospitals. WELLCAM solves this problem by enabling people to consult doctors no matter their location. It also offers them the convenience of getting care at a time that is suitable for them. WELLCAM can bring medical care to the 80% left out of the current system. 


Reduced Mortality and Morbidity Rate


Access to key health information is crucial for any health system to keep the mortality and morbidity rate down. Currently, much of Africa lacks an electronic means of medical data storage that can be utilized to take preventive measures. WELLCAM offers an electronic health record which can be accessed by the consulting doctor. This information will do great things for users in helping doctors better diagnose, treat or make referrals. It will also encourage the WELLCAM user to make better decisions regarding their health. 

Easy Access to Specialists


Cameroon currently faces a doctor shortage. It is estimated that major cities like Douala have 1 physician per 13,000 people. Rural cities and villages tend to fare worse, with some having 1 physician per up to 40,000 people. There is simply not enough doctors for the type of care we see in developed and first-world countries. Within these shortages are an even greater threat, the shortage of specialized doctors. Since there are a precious few, access to them has traditionally been difficult, and expensive, especially for those outside major cities. Now, thanks to WELLCAM, we have eliminated the geographic barries, and reduced the costs associated with consulting them. Now all people need is a computer, tablet or smartphone, and they can connect with a medical specialist.

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