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More Patients, More Profit for your Hospital

Free Patient Referrals


An estimated 80% of Cameroonians do not use conventional medical system. For the 20% who do, we find that they often wait until the issue is severe before seeking any medical help. By partnering with WELLCAM, our doctors will be able to refer those patients in need of a physical doctor examination to your institution. We also offer those who use our platform the possibility to book physical appointments to our partner hospitals and clinics. This will serve as another way for patients to by-bass the traditionally busy waiting rooms and see a doctor in-person immediately. As a partner, your hospital or clinic will see an increase in patients from our referrals.


Wider Patient Reach


Cameroon has a severe shortage of doctors, with estimates of 1 doctor for 13,000 people in major cities like Douala. The statistics are much worse for rural cities and villages. With the WELLCAM app, your medical doctors can provide care to patients anywhere in the country, regardless of distance or geographic location. By saving people time, your facility can set up your doctors to consult many more patients, and get more publicity for your medical services.

Reduce Workload on Your Staff


Due to the severe shortage of medical doctors in the country, many doctors feel overworked and often, succumb to fatigue. This can lead to medical errors that will damage your institution's reputation and incur financial penalties. Medical fatigue can also contribute to higher rates of absenteeism, staff call-outs or resignations in search of less stressful places. By using WELLCAM, video consultations within your facility can offer you another source of income, it can also serve to screen those cases that are severe and require immediate intervention from those less severe, thus helping you better allocate your medical team.


Outpatient and Follow-up Care


Many outpatient or discharged patients may require a simple follow-up, which can be provided via WELLCAM. This will save both patient and hospital time by removing unnecessary visits. WELLCAM allows its doctors to order prescriptions, which can be picked up at the hospital pharmacy or a patient's local pharmacy. The advantage of WELLCAM is that it allows for seamless and efficient follow-up with patients. This will improve compliance with treatment plans,prevent re-admissions and improve the health of the patient. Adding WELLCAM to your institution will surely improve your patient's satisfaction and care. 

Electronic Record Keeping


Access to a patient's medical records is very helpful for proper diagnosis. In the past, hospitals used paper records, which proved tedious, inefficient and cumbersome. Today, modern technology enables us to store a patient's healthcare data securely in the cloud. The WELLCAM platform allows our doctors to pull up treatment records, medications, labs and other vital data for the patients they are consulting. Best of all, all your patients' health data can be stored on the platform, by simply adding them. This data is updated with each consultation, medical visit or procedure. 

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