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Mobile Health Insurance Solution

Lower Capitation, Increased Profits


You pay millions to service providers each month whether your members use their services or not. This can lead to huge loses for your insurance company. With WELLCAM, you pay for just what your members use, and only send referrals to service providers when needed. Just imagine how much you will save using our platform.


Access to More Doctors


With WELLCAM adding doctors and specialists, your members have easy access to their existing or new doctors. With just a click, they can see reviews and make smart decision on who to treat them based on the doctor's experiences and qualifications. This advantage will ensure your members will remain with your insurance company. 

Monitoring Claims and Costs


One of the major challenges faced by health insurance companies is making sure you are being billed for the right services. With WELLCAM, you have access to treatment records as they happen, reducing any chance of fraudulent claims. 


Gain More Clients


In a competitive business environment, only those companies that are innovative will thrive. WELLCAM offers your customers with an innovative way to reach their health care professionals, anytime, from anywhere. Trends show that most new and existing customers will embrace the future of insurance companies that offer convenient telemedicine services. 

Monitoring Chronic Illnesses


A common health issue in Africa are those patients that need to see doctors regularly for chronic issues. WELLCAM offers the ability for patients to get remote monitoring from doctors. It allows patients to sign up for chronic and long-term care programs. WELLCAM provides remote care to patients so that they can stay on track with their treatment plans. It improves health outcomes and patient satisfaction. WELLCAM doctors can monitor patients in post-surgical care, chronic care management, long term health management or preventive care.


Quick Access to Doctors


Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, reaching a doctor however is not easy. Currently people have to deal with high traffic, wait long lines and see busy physicians. Insurances can now offer their clients a solution that gives them access to doctors from their phones, at times that are convenient to them. WELLCAM is that solution.  

Health in Your Hands


The WELLCAM app is available on both android and iOS, your clients can have access immediately from their smartphones, tablet or computer. The types of consultations include Text, Video and Voice. Just imagine the convenience and lives that can be improved with this platform.


Easy Billing


Being able to monitor your bills and the bills incurred by each of your members based on their service use can save your insurance company a lot of money. The metrics provided to your company by the WELLCAM platform gives you a bird's eye view of service use.

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