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Our Partners 


Meet the growing demand for telehealth solutions

WELLCAM is partnering with health facilities, brands and companies to bring your employees the best in quality health care. 


Healthcare is one of the main concerns for people in Africa, and one of the most valued benefit. 


Cost is the main reason why most people don't under-utilize conventional medicine, even those who have insurance may have difficulties paying. 




WELLCAM works for people with or without healthcare beneffits and provides quality, affordable and convenient access to medical doctors. Users get the peace-of--mind and comfort of getting care, avoiding unnecessary travel and long wait-times at hospital.


WELLCAM is free to download, and available from any device (smartphone, tablet or laptop).



Get prescriptions sent directly to your phone or to your pharmacy of choice


Update your health data in WELLCAM and allow doctors to use it to better diagnose and treat you


Get virtual consultations with the right doctor via video, text or audio


Access treatment plans including follow up notifications from WELLCAM


Book consultations for in-person visits to get expedited service

  • Improved productivity for your employees

  • Reduce absenteeism and time-offs

  • Shorten hospital visits to about 15 minutes

  • Spend less money on health benefits

  • Reduce healthcare costs for citizens

  • Reduce medical tourism

  • Improve health access to rural communities

  • Transparent management of claims

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  • Reduced capitation costs

  • Cheaper care for chronic conditions

  • Offer telemedicine to your clients

  • Transparent management of claims

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  • Increase profits with patient referrals

  • Free platform for hospitals and clinics

  • Easy follow-up with patients

  • Decongest your facility's waiting room

  • Increase walk-in business to your pharmacy

  • Get referrals send from our doctors

  • Be a part of a complete health system

  • Stand out from other local pharmacies

  • Register your pharmacy

  • Increase client flow to your medical lab

  • Get referrals from our doctors

  • Be a part of a complete health system

  • Stand out from other laboratories

  • Register your laboratory

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