Our Partners 

WELLCAM is partnering with health facilities, brands and other companies to bring our users the best in quality health care.



  • Improved productivity for your employees

  • Reduce absenteeism and time off

  • Shorten hospital visits to about 15 minutes

  • Spend less money on health benefits

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  • Increase walk-in business to your pharmacy

  • Get referrals sent from our doctors

  • Be a part of a complete health system

  • Stand out from other local pharmacies

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  • Increase profits with patient referrals

  • Free platform for hospitals and clinics

  • Easy follow-up with patients

  • De-congest your facility's waiting room

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  • Reduce healthcare cost for citizens

  • Reduce medical tourism outside the country

  • Improve health access to rural communities

  • Transparent management of claims

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  • Increase client flow to your medical lab

  • Get referrals from our doctors

  • Update patient Electronic Health Records

  • Be a part of a complete health system

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Health Insurance


  • Reduced capitation costs

  • Cheaper care for chronic conditions

  • Offer telemedicine to your clients

  • Transparent management of claims

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