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More Patients, More Profit for your Pharmacy

Free Patient Referrals


At WELLCAM, we are in the process of bringing first-world technology into a third-world, developing country. We wish to partner with pharmacies who see the potential benefits for the people of Cameroon. By partnering with us, the doctors on our platform will send prescriptions (ordinances) to your pharmacy, by fax or phone image. You will be assured that these prescriptions are coming from licensed medical doctors. The referral will be based on the location of patients who find themselves close to your pharmacy.


Increase Your Profitability


Partnering with WELLCAM will bring a host of new patients to your pharmacy. The referrals from our doctors will introduce them to your services. The platform simplifies access to doctors and medical consultations. Part of our goal is to reduce the use of fraudulent medications by our patients and guiding them towards credible, quality medications from an authentic source, your pharmacy. 

Wider Reach and Continuous Patient Care


When your pharmacy partners with WELLCAM, you become part of a health care system that seeks to help the patient from the initial consultation, to the diagnosis, and ultimately the prescription and follow-up care. We seek to bring the 80% of Cameroonians who are currently outside the medical system into an easier, more convenient way to access healthcare. Through our platform, pharmacies play an important role in patient care by helping improve medication adherence and compliance with treatment plans.


In-Pharmacy Consultations


WELLCAM is willing to partner with pharmacies to install Consultation kiosks. Using either a computer or tablet, your clients could walk into your pharmacy, go to your private consultation area and use a your set up to connect and consult a doctor. This will result in the rapid conversion of a patient into a customer, as the doctor would send the required prescription to your pharmacy immediately after the consultation. 

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