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Welcome to WellCam

Physician Training

Each module is designed to update you on our policies as it relates to practicing telemedicine in Cameroon.

Module 1

a. Wellcam b. Cross Coverage c. Importance of Wellcam

d. Benefits e. Organization f. Consult Overview

Module 2

a. Licensing and Credentialing b. Payroll c. Technology and Security d. Phone requirements e. Bedside Manner

f. Listening Skills g. Telephone Skills

Module 3

a. Video Consulting b. Access to Video c. Video Tips 

d. Convert Consult e. Video Window

Module 4

a. Call Flow Process b. Text Messaging Notifications

Module 5

a. Prescription Policy b. Prescription Guidelines

Module 6

a. Patient Centered Quality Care b. Management of "Problem Patients"

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